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Hasbro unveils Emperor Palpatine FX Lightsaber



Star Wars

Lightsabers have always been one of the coolest aspects of Star Wars. Whether you’re an Original trilogy fan, a Prequel fan, or a Sequel fan, everyone can agree that the various Lightsabers of the galaxy are beyond epic. The hilts, the blades, and their power. What is not to love.

Now, you can become one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy with Hasbro’s new FX Lightsaber. While we only get one really good look at Emperor Palpatine’s Lightsaber in Revenge of the Sith and in a few episodes of The Clone Wars, his Lightsaber has, without a doubt, one of the best designs across the Star Wars universe.

This brand new FX Lightsaber will have a full metal hilt for that added realism, a removable blade, and some new effects that are exclusive to the Elite series. Along with the classic ignition and battle clash effects, fans will also be treated to a new lightning effect and a molten glow effect.

Check out Palpatine’s Lightsaber below! Here’s a fun fact Palpatine actually despised Lightsabers.

The FX Lightsaber will be priced at around £220 which is considerably more than most Hasbro Lightsabers. However, this is mostly due to the removable blade which really allows the hilt shine on its one, and the new effects. It has a release date of Fall 2020 so expect it to drop just in time for Christmas… how convenient.

Be sure to check out this demo video by Hasbro Pulse. You can also check out our collectibles section! we are very sorry if this forces you to spend money.

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