September 23, 2020

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Star Wars: Squadrons

STAR WARS: SQUADRONS trailer puts us in Imperial shoes

EA's upcoming STAR WARS: SQUADRONS gives us a length CG trailer from the Empire's perspective

A new trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons has been released. However, while most films and shows tend to focus on the heroes of the story, this lengthy trailer puts us in the shoes of an Imperial pilot.

The fully CG short takes us to Var-Shaa, an Imperial Dockyard, where an intense battle takes place against an overwhelming New Republic force.

Check it out below.

Star Wars have had a brilliant history of attaching cinematic trailers to their games. Think back to the Old Republic games that gave us Lightsaber battles that existed in our imaginations. That is, until these trailers dropped.

This long cinematic is exactly what we needed in the build up for Squadrons release. The trailer was absolutely stunning. The detail, the action, and the new settings made for a truly riveting and exciting watch. We won’t deny it… we’re are absolutely ready to jump into a TIE Fighter or X-Wing.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on October 2nd. The game will also be fully compatible with virtual reality headsets to fully immerse yourself in the experience. To extend the immersion, Squadrons will also support flight sticks and throttles.

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