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Hot Toys drop first look at epic AHSOKA figure!



Star Wars: The Clone Wars (

When Hot Toys announced that they would be doing a Clone Wars line it got fans pretty hyped. Sure, we got Obi-Wan’s iconic outfit and Anakin’s animated outfit… but what about Ahsoka Tano? Surely the most memorable and lovable character from the hit animated show deserved an action figure?

Well, we finally got our first look at Ahsoka’s Hot Toy and it is awesome. The figure adopts her Season 7 look where she is slightly older and donning her new outfit that debuted in the final season. Hot Toys dropped the new figure via their Instagram and you can check it out right here.

This figure doesn’t come with many accessories apart from a standard base, a cloak, a thermal detonator, and holograms depicting Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda. As expected, Ahsoka will of course come with her dual blue lightsabers ready for you to strike some cool poses.

One detail that I did notice may confirm even more Clone Wars figures… is that Maul in the corner? No this is definitely not the classic Phantom Menace appearance. Maul’s belt and outfit perfectly replicates his look when he faces Ahsoka in the throne room on Mandalore. Who else can we expect to see? Mace?… Grievous? Who knows.

According to their website, Ahsoka will be available towards the end of 2021. So a bit of waiting will be required. If we can wait seven years for the final season of Clone Wars then we can certainly wait for Ahsoka. Bring it on.

What do you think of Hot Toys’ latest figure? Will you be adding Ahsoka to your collection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. You can also check out more collectibles here.

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