KRYPTON “The Word of Rao” review

Krypton (SyFy)


Seg is approached by a Black Zero leader as Rao finds a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative.


This fourth episode of Krypton’s debut season marks a huge turning point for the show. Having laid the ground work for its ensemble cast it’s time for the show to knuckle down and work on its story.

What has impressed me the most about this show is how quickly it has developed. Over the course of these first few episodes we have moved from the conventional pilot phase to become something much more original and unique.

With previous episode “The Rankless Initiative” (reviewed here) we began to see the political underbelly of Kandor. In doing so the show cleverly moved from a story of the week format to something much more serialised. A subtle move which ensures the shows appeals to a comic reading audience.

It’s episodes such as thing that make me realise how well planned a show like this can be. The Rao mythology and its religious leader have been present in the show from the beginning. But what has, up-to-now, felt very much like a supporting role takes on an entirely different form.

The Voice of Rao needs a scapegoat following the failure of the Rankless Initiative. Having Vex arrest Lyta for leading the mission against Black Zero gives everyone a political standing in the shows hierarchy. It also upends everything we thought we knew about the workings of the show.

In the space of one episode Krypton suddenly becomes an other-worldly Game of Thrones. Behind Seg-El and his mission to save Krypton from Braniac there is a battle for control of Kandor which nobody can see coming.

Discovering that there is plenty of political intrigue outside of Kandor’s class system has only made the show more appealing for me. I’m genuinely and pleasantly surprised to find that there is much more to this show than meets the eye.

It’s a testament to SyFy’s investment in developing original programming. Seeing how their shows have developed over the years has been a joy to watch.

Back on track and similar to the Voice of Rao, Vex and Nyssa have been supporting players in previous episodes. Their plot to overthrow the Voice Rao really opens up the potential storytelling for the series. Moving forwards the Game of Thrones template could really work for Krypton.

There’s still plenty for fans of action-adventure TV to enjoy. Despite all of the talking and posturing plenty of action goes on this episode. With Seg kidnapped by a mysterious man known as The Commander (Colin Salmon) we get to visit a new location outside fo the city.

Whilst some of the CGI effects on the bug in the torture scene are a little rough its still an excellent sequence. The set design and costume design on this show remains first rate. There really is very little about the production of Krypton I could complain about.

To boot there’s a cliffhanger ending which I’m hanging on the edge of my seat to get resolution for. Good job I’m watching the show via the iTunes box set.

On to episode 5…


“The Word of Rao” is another thrilling installment in this surprise hit. Taking a page out of the Game of Thrones playbook there’s suddenly a lot to play for in the city of Kandor.

But where other shows focus on political posturing over character and action, Krypton has a perfect balance of all three.


In the next episode…

Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, Ian McElhinney as Val-El, Elliot Cowan as Daron-Vex, Ann Ogbomo as Alura Zod, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem, Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex and Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em.

The series airs on E4 here in the UK and on SyFy in North America.

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