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‘Batman Eternal’ #16



Cover art for 'Batman Eternal' #16 by Dustin Nguyen
Cover art for 'Batman Eternal' #16 by Dustin Nguyen

Cover art for ‘Batman Eternal’ #16 by Dustin Nguyen

  • Story by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
  • Script by Ray Fawkes
  • Consulting Writers: John Layman & Tim Seeley
  • Pencils & Cover by Dustin Nguyen
  • Inks by Derek Fridolfs
  • Colours by John Kalisz

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Back again with another genre-bending issue is the brilliant ‘Batman Eternal‘ which really is becoming the title to pick up each month when my subscriptions arrive, I only wish my subscriptions came every week!

Picking up on the story of Jim Corrigan as he is trapped in the underbelly of Arkham Asylum with Batwing and some serious ghostly presences plus an appearance by the up-and-coming Joker’s Daughter still trying to make a name for herself after her appearance in last years special ‘Villains Month‘ event.

Though the main focus remains on Corrigan this is more of an ensemble issue as it also picks up on the story unfolding in Japan with Red Robin and Harper and the events in main town Gotham with Lieutenant Bard and Vicki Vale as the two spark off the beginning of a more than Professional relationship.

There remains excellent character development on all fronts in this title the story unfolding in the basement of Arkham is definitely the biggest draw to the ‘Eternal‘ title right now and it comes as no surprise due to the recent announcement of the upcoming ‘Gotham by Midnight‘ title due to release it’s first issue on 26th November and featuring Corrigan as it’s lead character.

This issue continues the run of outstanding covers by Dustin Nguyen this week shedding the red style cover for a striking gold and blue with a standout portrait of Batman.
Inside the artwork is dark and murky throughough, the ghostly images in Arkham take on a smokey atmosphere whilst the Japan scenes remain dark and shadowy also. It’s in fitting with other Bat-titles yet the distinctive nature of each of the stories keeps this book looking fresh from start to finish.

This is definitely not the issue for new readers to dive in to the dark world of ‘Eternal‘ but this issue is a worthy read for fans of the franchise.

3 stars



3 stars

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