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‘Justice League’ #23.2 Lobo



‘Justice League’ #23.2 Lobo
‘Justice League’ #23.2 Lobo

‘Justice League’ #23.2 Lobo

  • Cover by Aaron Kuder
  • Written by Marguerite Bennett
  • Art by Ben Oliver

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So I was a little confused reading this issue mainly because of the drastically different look the character of Lobo was sporting inside compared to the cover. I was preparing myself to call out DC Comics for another misleading ‘Villains Month’ cover but okay by the end of the story I got it.

I don’t know very much about the character but this isn’t the kind of issue which relies on years of knowledge of the character. Actually in comparison to a lot of the Batman villain issues which take a look at how the characters react to the disappearance of the hero this issue is more of just a one-shot tale/reintroduction to the Lobo character.

There’s little by way of dialogue but on the flip-side this issue packs a brilliant visual punch. Oliver’s work is exquisite. There’s an artistic quality to the imagery that helps to enhance the out-of-this-world feel but also makes this issue more of a work of art than a generic comic. This makes ‘Lobo’ a shining example of the fact that ‘Villains Month’ is not just a cash cow for DC Comics but a chance to let its creative team work their magic on character who don’t normally get this kind of exposure.

Just because there’s little by way of dialogue doesn’t mean there’s a lack of story here. We simply follow Lobo through one of his hits and then on to a mission in space. There’s room for some violence, some sci-fi action and between that bags and bags of alien races. It’s interesting to see what  Bennett can do with only a handful of words.

The ending is perhaps the biggest question mark over the future of the character so it will be interesting to see where he turns up next to resolve the question of: who is the real Lobo?


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