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Adam Wingard And Dan Stevens Set To Reunite For GODZILLA VS KONG Sequel

Adam Wingard is back for another bout with the Titans!



Godzilla vs Kong (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Just a few months ago, it was confirmed that the MonsterVerse was still very much alive. Not only did we receive confirmation regarding an Apple TV+ series that is set to follow Godzilla, but we also heard about a sequel to Godzilla vs Kong which would be filming in Australia later this year. Today, we have some very exciting news about this mysterious sequel…

Adam Wingard, the director behind Godzilla vs Kong, is back in the directors chair for the next installment. On top of that, Wingard is reuniting with The Guest‘s Dan Stevens who is set to star in this sequel. The gears are turning slowly, but any news is great news at this point.

Despite news finally coming to the surface, this sequel is still an absolute mystery. It’s hard to determine whether this film is another Godzilla and Kong movie, or simply the next step for the MonsterVerse franchise. Early rumours suggested a Son of Kong type film, however there are a few potential issues with that. While a Son of Kong film seems like a great idea, the MonsterVerse hasn’t yet established a family for Kong. We don’t even know if there are more of his kind wondering around the Hollow Earth. There are too many gaps which need to be filled. But, a Kong sequel could explore all of that before setting the stage for his son.

A Kong sequel would also give the creative team the chance to explore the Hollow Earth even more. Rather than relying on the established monsters from Godzilla’s universe, we could get some incredibly cool and original monsters that seek to wreak havok.

It is still very early days for this Godzilla vs Kong sequel. However, with summer approaching and the cameras gearing up to film on Australia’s Golden Coast… We could see a bombardment of news coming our way.

Are you ready for more from the MonsterVerse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news.


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