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Jared Leto Talks JOKER In Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE

In a new interview,Jared Leto talks about his potential return as The Joker in HBO Max’s upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE mini-series from Zack Snyder.



Suicide Squad (Warner Bros. Pictures)

It was long rumoured (and then confirmed) that Jared Leto would be making a small return as The Joker for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The series, set to debut on HBO Max in January, will see Leto return in a small role as the Clown Prince of Crime. It’s something Leto was asked about in a recent interview with The Playlist.

Speaking of playing the character in 2017’s Suicide Squad Leto mused on the inherent fun in playing a character like Joker:

“There are a few very few characters that you play that have absolutely no rules, you know, that you could just go to town,” he said. “[My ‘Little Thing’s character] Sparma reminds me a little bit of that character as well in that he’s just a little outside the box. He’s someone who says everything that he thinks, basically. And he always is surprising. He’s very playful. And I found him actually quite funny as well. He could be a good guy or a bad guy, but he’s a fun guy!”

When asked about his return in Justice League, Leto played his cards a little closer to his chest:

“I may or may not be in this; I’ve heard the rumors too,” he said coyly. “We’ll have to let Zack [Snyder] confirm or deny that one. I may or may not have shot something with Zack, but I love him, he’s just a maverick and an incredible filmmaker; we get along great and have great chemistry.”

Perhaps most interesting was his closing comment on play Joker…

“I look forward to working with him again in the future. We have lots up our sleeves, Zack and I.”

Again!? Given Walter Hamada and Warner Bros. recent statement that Justice League was a road which leads to nowhere, what could this mean?

Justice League stars Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Joining them are Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg, and Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash.

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