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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Co-op mode announced



Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima was an absolutely stunning game that blew us away from the get-go. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is that once you finish everything… there isn’t much else you can do. It doesn’t take anything away from the game but it does impact the game’s replay value.

Fans have been calling for a form of multiplayer and their calls have been answered with Ghost of Tsushima- Legends. This new cooperative multiplayer mode will come as a free download for all Ghost of Tsushima players later this year.

Ghost or Samurai?
Ghost of Tsushima

This new mode is a completely separate experience so we’ll be stepping away from Jin Sakai and his fight against the Mongolians. Instead, we’ll be focusing on a fantastical and scary side of Tsushima with new enemies and locations inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology. Sign us up immediately.

Players will be able to partner up with friends or via online matchmaking in groups of 2-4. You’ll be able to pick between four different classes: he Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin. Each class will have unique skills that will help you and your team in battle.

With just two players, you’ll go through a series of missions that gradually escalate and incorporate new magical twists. With four players, you’ll have to take on wave-based survival missions. These new modes will unleash some of the toughest foes Tsushima can throw at you so be prepared.

On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to visit an entirely new realm to face a brutal enemy as a “reward” for besting the story and survival missions.

Check out the reveal below.

We can’t wait. Will you be joining your friends to take on the various supernatural foes that await you in Tsushima? Let us know in the comments and let us know which class interests you.

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