Project Athia

The PlayStation 5 event gave fans a great insight as to what can be expected when the PlayStation eventually drops. We got new games, an actual look at the console, and some of the new specifications. In terms of games, we got quite a lot of exciting games, including a Miles Morales game. One game caught our attention… Project Athia.

So what is Project Athia? Firstly, that is the current “working title” for this game so it might be that we get an entirely different title when the release looms closer. However, we quite like Project Athia. It has a nice ring to it and brings a sense of mystery to the foreground. Project Athia could be anything… maybe there is a clue in the teaser trailer.

The game comes from Square Enix and their subsidiary company Luminous Production. Square Enix promise a story-led, action-packed adventure. It certainly looks that way. The game follows a mysterious woman in a fantasy setting. From what the trailer gave us, it looks as though the protagonist you play as has been transported to this world.

You can check out the full teaser trailer here:

In a world not her own” well there’s the evidence. It’s also worth noting that she is wearing trainers. Aside from those details, it’s hard to grasp what this game will entail. What we do know is that you’ll come face to face with some freaky looking monsters- Wolves, giant plants and even a dragon.

The main character seems to have abilities as well. It’s not clear as to the extent of these powers but they include running, jumping and plant manipulation.

What do you think we can expect from this enigma of a game? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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By James Lister

James is a writer for GYCO. He has a BA in Media Studies and is currently doing an MA in Media & Communication. He has been a comic book and film fan ever since he was little when his dad used to take him and his twin out of school to go and see the latest superhero/blockbuster movie. Since then, James has been collecting props, replicas, and autographs from all of his favourite shows and movies. He is a massive Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Arrow, Game of Thrones, and Anime fan and loves discussing anything and everything he is passionate about.