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Neil reviews issue #3 of DC Comics’ ROBIN AND BATMAN by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen. Available in stores and on digital from today.



Robin and Batman #3 (DC Comics)

Published by DC Comics, Robin and Batman #3 is written by Jeff Lemire with art and colours by Dustin Nguyen. Letters are by Steve Wands. Main cover art (left) is also by Nguyen.

Robin and Batman #3 is available to purchase in print and on digital now where all good comics are sold. Grab your digital copy from Comixology right here.


To reconcile his trauma and move toward an optimistic future, Dick Grayson must first confront his tragic past. Unfortunately, that step includes a confrontation with an enraged Killer Croc, who is out for Grayson blood! This action-packed issue concludes the epic tale of a young man learning to live and love in a nightmarish world.


In the solicitation for the first of these three issues, DC Comics pointed out the legendary status of Batman and Robin’s origin story. The publisher also pointed out “this isn’t that story.” It’s true, Robin and Batman isn’t a re-telling of a superhero origin. It’s a truly emotional tale about a young boy grieving his parents and finding his place in the world.

Over the past two issues we’ve seen the relationship between Bruce and Dick fracture. With Alfred caught in the middle, the vigilante action has mainly served as a distraction from the emotional turmoil. Lemire hasn’t held back when it comes to applying a strong emotional undercurrent to the story.

Dick’s young age, mixed with his grief and eagerness to please Batman is like dynamite on the page. Lemire has tapped in to Dick’s emotional state perfectly. The danger in writing a younger character is losing the authenticity in their voice. But Dick’s language, as well as his actions speak to the core of his character in ways which are still recognisable.

Rounding out the arc in this issue, Lemire has crafted a satisfying conclusion. There’s closure to the case Batman and Robin have been working on. But in closing it out Lemire weave’s in repercussions for both Dick’s school and vigilante lives. Rather than sampling closing off those plot threads, Lemire also introduces some welcome character development as a jumping off point. It leaves Robin and Batman open-ended without sacrificing any satisfaction.

Nguyen’s artwork is nothing short of exquisite. His trademark style sits perfectly with Lemire’s script and Wands letters. Nguyen’s watercolour-style palette fills every inch of the page keeping the reader absorbed in the story. His balance of foreground and background elements is unparalleled and his use of negative space is equally impressive.


The final part of Lemire and Nguyen’s rounds out the story with an emotional, gut punch conclusion. Nguyen’s sensational artwork once again perfectly compliments Lemire’s powerful words.


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