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Dave reviews issue #8 of BOOM! Studios POWER RANGERS calling it a “blockbuster story” from writer Ryan Parrott.



Power Rangers #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Published by BOOM! Studios, Power Rangers #8 is written by Ryan Parrott, illustrated by Franceso Mortarino, coloured by Raul Angulo and lettered by Ed Dukeshire.

Power Rangers #8 will be available in print and on digital where all good comics are sold from June 23, 2021. Grab our digital copy from Comixology here.


This is it. There is nowhere left to run and no more time to prepare as the Omega Rangers must stand off against one of the Empyreal… with the fate of an entire planet at stake. And when the Omega Rangers discover the true nature of the threat to Earth, will they be able to warn their former teammates in time?


The issue I have been waiting for has arrived!

Issue #8, the continuation of the Power Rangers story arc. Here is where we find out the fate of Hartunia and its inhabitants and if the Omega Rangers can save their fate.

Once again Parrott brings us a blockbuster story full of action packed pages and emotional twists, from the last issue we see that the Empress of Hartunia goes behind her husbands back to help the Rangers to save the citizens of Hartunia, this in itself turns out to be an epic task.

The Omega Rangers return to assist their Ranger counterparts in taking down the Empyreal resulting in a blockbuster battle as the Omega Rangers battle to save the universe. Once again the Rangers must turn to Lord Drakkon to assist their journey, but I personally can’t help but think he has a hidden agenda and his help is false.

Once again Parrott’s captivating writing has you experiencing every battle pulling you through different emotions as a reader pulling you in with yet another cliffhanger ending leaving you begging for more.

The illustrations from Mortarino are nothing short of breathtaking, the shear detail of the epic battles is out of this world bringing Parrott’s words to life in a well worthy fashion using bright vivid colours and dark dramatic tones to really get your imagination on the level.


Once again as a Ranger fan I am left longing for more. This particular story arc has pulled me in and the roller coaster ride of action and emotion make then one if the best comic series I have read so far this year, I have so many questions that I hope will be answered in the next issue.

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