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MAGIC #3 Review

Dave reviews issue #3 of BOOM! Studios MAGIC saying that MTG fans “will love reading about the world they play.”



Magic #1 (BOOM! Studios)

MAGIC #3 is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Jed Mackay, illustrated by artist Ig Guara, colored by Arianna Consonni, and lettered by Ed Dukeshire.

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When their investigation into the role of one of Ravnica’s biggest Guilds in the assassination attempts on their lives lead Planeswalkers Kaya, Ral, and Vraska deep into the Undercity, they will need to succeed in the impossible. Will they uncover the location of Duskmantle, the Dimir guildhall, and survive to tell the tale? Meanwhile, the assassin is amassing guild members to betray their own Guilds, even as their true motivations remain a mystery…


My anticipated next installment of the Magic story arc from BOOM! Studios is here. I was excited to say the least to be lucky enough to get an early look at it.

Issue #3 sees the team of Planeswalkers furthering their journey to find the answer to who was behind the assassination attempts on their lives. In this instalment the story takes us down a darker path as the Planeswalkers need to venture deep into Ravniva’s underground to unearth the answers they are searching for.

Now expectedly it isn’t going to a jolly stroll in the park and the Planeswalkers do come across some of the not so friendly inhabitants of the underworld which Guara brings to life with breathtaking detail really grabbing your imagination and making you feel what it’s like down there.

Once again Mackay has out down himself by taking the already great story arc and giving us more meat to the story bones finishing on a great cliffhanger to keep you wanting more from #4. The more I get to read Magic the more I am becoming invested in the story and can’t wait for the next issue to bring me the next installment of the story. With Mackay writing the captivating story and the mind blowing illustrations from Guara team that with the intense colours used by Consonni you know you are onto a sure fire winner with that creative team.


Magic #3 is a story that slowly grips you throughout the season but once you are gripped there really as the issues release more and more added twists appear to keep you coming back for more. Fans of fantasy will like this, fans of the tradition MTG card game will love reading about the world they play.

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