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Dave reviews issue #7 of BOOM! Studios POWER RANGERS calling it “another mesmerising issue from writer Ryan Parrott.”



Power Rangers #7 (BOOM! Studios)

Published By BOOM! Studios, Power Rangers #7 is written by Ryan Parrott, illustrated by Franceso Mortarino, coloured by Raul Angulo and lettered by Ed Dukeshire. The cover is by Matteo Scalera.

Grab your copy of Power Rangers #7 in and print and on digital where all good comics are sold from May 19, 2021. Grab your copy from Comixology right here.


The Era of UNLIMITED POWER continues HERE—and only Lord Drakkon, their greatest enemy, can save the Power Rangers in May 2021!

The Omega Rangers and Drakkon are on the run in space, but they must find new allies if they want to defeat the Empyreals. But that means trusting someone they’re not sure is friend or foe if they are to save the universe. And then… there’s Drakkon.


Anticipation has certainly been building for me as I looked forward to the continuation of the Power Rangers story. Issue #6 saw the Omega Rangers fighting alongside old adversary Astronema and Ecliptor. With the death of an SPD agent weighing heavy on Trini’s mind, we also had the first glimpse of the threat the Rangers are trying to combat the Empyreal.

Issue #7 sees the Rangers taking the adventure to Hartunia in the attempt to stay one step ahead of the Empyreal and stop another mass genocide. Once again, the team is under the unlikely guidance of Lord Drakkon, who is starting to develop into a likeable character through Parrott’s writing.

As the issue continues we see the Omega Rangers trying to help the Hartunia only to be met with arrogant resistance. What they find on Hartunia is only a group who hold grudges from past experiences.

Raw emotion and fear runs throughout the book as the battle against the Empyreal heats up with plenty of twists and turns giving you the perfect excuse not to put this book down.

I personally found the Emperor of Hartunia the most arrogant and annoying character I’ve come across. His actions really do nothing but hinder the fight, with his Empress not as willing to back her partner in private as she is in public, this is all laying the solid foundations of an epic eighth which I cannot wait to get my hands on.

The solid artistic talents of Franceso Mortarino come through once again really catching the feel and the mood of the story whilst captivating your imagination taking you further into the story.


Another mesmerising issue from Ryan Parrott his written style is phenomenal and I really can’t wait gir issue #8, a full recommendation from me, if you haven’t read the previous issues then would advise you do as the story flows through the issue and there are events that happen you won’t understand unless you are up on the story.

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