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Junkie XL reveals that he is a big fan of the Godzilla Franchise



Godzilla vs. Kong (Warner Bros.)

Despite next year’s big MonsterVerse installment, Godzilla vs Kong, being delayed, there is still a lot to be excited about. Sure, we’ve only had a few banners and no news of a trailer, but Junkie XL has revealed some interesting information regarding his involvement.

Junkie XL is a massive fan of the highly popular Kaiju, Godzilla. If you used the latest films as a doorway into the world of Godzilla, here is some background information. Godzilla first appeared in 1954 and has appeared in 32 movies produced by Toho. Despite being originally conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons, Godzilla’s world has expanded with numerous new Kaiju’s joining the fight. We’ve got Mothra, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Anguirus, Hedorah and countless more. Then in 1962, Godzilla battled King Kong for the first time. When Legendary brought Godzilla back in 2014 and then Kong back in 2017, it was only a matter of time before these two titans came face to face once again.

The original soundtrack for Godzilla was composed by Akira Ifukabe. 2019’s King of the Monsters brought in Bear McCreary to revitalize the iconic score and it was beyond epic and exhilarating. Now the baton has been passed onto Junkie XL and he seems incredibly excited to be working on this project.

Check out what he had to say about his passion for Godzilla:

“I’m such a Godzilla freak. I have all the Japanese versions of the movies. At a certain point, just for shits and giggles, I wrote something for Godzilla. About two years ago, I met the director because he showed interest in me as a composer. I asked him, ‘Do you know I’m the biggest Godzilla fan on the planet, and, years ago, I wrote some stuff.’ He was like, ‘You’re kidding me?’ So we started communicating, I tweaked what I did, played it for him, and he was totally in love.”

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Warner Bros.)

Unfortunately he didn’t provide any details as to what we can expect from his soundtrack. However, he did reveal a fun little piece of information which may allude to the scale of Godzilla vs Kong. In preparation for Godzilla vs Kong, Junkie XL went on the hunt for the “biggest bass drum on the planet“. He wanted a 10-foot bass drum for his soundtrack but had to settle for an 8-foot one:

The guy called me back, and he asked, ‘Is it okay if it’s only six?’ I said, ‘Could we do eight? Why can’t we do ten?’ The answer was, ‘Well, there’s simply no cow alive that has a skin big enough to cover for a ten-foot bass drum.’ So, we have to scale it down to eight.

As a massive fan of Junkie XL, Godzilla, and soundtracks in general, it’s hard not to be excited. Sure, we don’t have a lot of information. But Junkie’s love for Godzilla and his willingness to push the boundaries is enough to prove that the soundtrack for Godzilla vs Kong is in safe hands.

Godzilla vs Kong is set to stomp onto our screens on May 21st 2021. With everything going on, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed once again. However, Godzilla fans are patient fans. We waited 5 years for King of the Monsters after the 2014 release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. So another 8 months or so will be easy. Bring it on.

Are you excited to hear Junkie XL’s soundtrack? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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