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Daleks (BBC)

DOCTOR WHO animated series, DALEKS, announced

The BBC has announced a brand new, streaming, DOCTOR WHO animated series entitled DALEKS.

On Wednesday 9 September, the BBC released a teaser trailer to announce a CGI animated five-part spin-off series of popular British classic sci-fi show, Doctor Who. However, this series will, to the delight of fans, be focused on Doctor Who’s greatest antagonists, the Daleks! The series, titled Daleks!, is due to be launching in November 2020 on the Doctor Who YouTube channel with each episode being 10 minutes long and debuting weekly.

Watch the teaser in the tweet below:

James Goss was announced as writer, with Studio Liddell as the animation company and a voice cast featuring Nicholas Biggs (the voice of the Daleks in Doctor Who), Anjli Mohindra (The Sarah Jane Adventures), Joe Sugg (YouTube personality) and Ayesha Antoine (Holby City). 

Briggs told Radio Times, “It’s the Daleks just up to no good in a full action, really colourful, exciting animation with a really intriguing plot. Normally when you think of the Daleks, there needs to be the Doctor there to battle – but it can work with just the Daleks encountering other beings and having exciting adventures.”

Sugg was also announced to be voicing a robot called Sentinel R-41, but no plot details have been revealed regarding the series’ tie-in to other Doctor Who spin-offs and canon, so it may be a waiting game until November. However, the teaser highlights nothing but Daleks so we shall have no shortage of these fan favourite villains exterminating their way through the galaxy! 

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