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Confirmed: Ridley Scott Working On New ALIEN Film

In a brand new interview, Ridley Scott confirms that he’s working on a brand new entry in the ALIEN franchise.




In space, everyone can hear the screams of Alien fans! Director Ridley Scott has confirmed that he is currently working on a new installment of this iconic billion dollar franchise.

“We went down a route to try and reinvent the wheel with Prometheus and Covenant,” Scott said in his recent interview with Forbes. “‘Has the Alien himself, the facehugger, the chestburster, have they all run out of steam? Do you have to rethink the whole bloody thing and simply use the word to franchise?’ That’s always the fundamental question.” This could mean a potential origin to the alien creatures, the Xenomorphs, in the new installment!

However, it looks like the new film will not revisit the other films directed by Scott in the franchise, prequel Prometheus (2012) and it’s sequel Alien: Covenant (2017). “We went down a route to try and reinvent the wheel with Prometheus and Covenant,” Scott confirmed, “Whether or not we go directly back to that is doubtful because Prometheus woke it up very well.”

Whilst it looks like Ridley Scott is re-purposing the franchise, there is still no more news confirming how this will be done, who will star in the film or when it will be released. We will all be keeping an eye on this latest development of a director carrying on a 40+ year legacy, starting with the original Alien back in 1979.

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