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Dave reviews the first issue of DC Comics BLOOD SYNDICATE SEASON 1, available now in print and on digital where all good comics are sold.



Bloody Syndicate #1 (DC Comics)

Blood Syndicate Season 1 #1 is published by DC Comics, written by Geoffery Thorne, illustrated by ChrisCross and coloured by Juan Castro.

Issue #1 is available 10th May 2022 either directly from DC Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to from the usual content providers.


Wise Son and Tech-9 have returned from their military tours in Afghanistan—and life in Dakota City could not be more different. While Icon and Rocket have been busy cleaning up the streets, Bang Babies have been forming rival gang factions. With Holocaust’s influence—and super-powered army—growing, who will look out for the people of Paris Island when the capes aren’t watching? What secrets do Wise and Tech hide from their time overseas? As the struggle for power on the chaotic streets spills into war…who will emerge victorious as the new kingpin of Paris Island? 


In this issue we see the return of a fan favourite Blood Syndicate, with the two main characters Wise Son and Tech-9 returning from their time in the military to the streets they once called home. The streets of Dakota City more so Paris Island have always been rough with gang wars on most street corners, the gangs are still there and still at war but now the gangs are superpowered. The power struggle on the streets is more intense than ever with Holocaust pretty much running things it’s going to take something of epic proportions to regain control once more of the gritty streets. This series looks set to be an epic story arc.

I personally haven’t read much of Geoffery Thorne’s work but from the first page I knew I was about to read something of an epic scale. As soon as you pick this book off the shelf you will be captivated instantly with a vibrant story with underlying deep rooted emotion.

A dramatic emotional story needs illustrations that match, ChrisCross and Juan Castro combine effortlessly to create page after page of dramatic illustrations with strikingly bold colors that bring the story to life creating a world that doesn’t feel like it’s just on the page.


The best way I can think to describe Blood Syndicate is a mix of Boyz in the Hood (my favourite film of all time) and The Boys.


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