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LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 6×14 “There Will Be Brood” Review

Matt reviews the penultimate episode of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW saying the episode “continued to tug on our heart strings” throughout.



Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros. Television/The CW)

Legends of Tomorrow season 6 stars Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, Matt Ryan, Olivia Swann, Jes Macallan, Adam Tsekhman, Shayan Sobhian, Lisseth Chavez and Raffi Barsoumian. New episodes air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


When Astra and Spooner find themselves as stowaways, they learn that Constantine is still chasing the Fountain of Imperium and find themselves in 1920s Texas. With the rest of the Legends stranded, they come up with a plan to get help by using Mick as bait that will also help reunite him with something special to him. Meanwhile, Spooner learns some information about her past that she wasn’t expecting, in an episode directed by former series star MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS.


It’s the penultimate episode of the Legends 6th Season and in a surprising move, Constantine is now the enemy! 
Picking right where we left off last week, John has been completely taken over by his dark self and has joined up with the falsely changed Bishop, they have taken the Wave Rider and Mick’s alien babies.
The main cast take a back seat this week though in favour of Spooner’s story and true origins.  So it’s become almost a tradition that the newest members of the Legends usually find themselves in the ultimate time traveller’s dilemma, change the past and alter the future or let history play out and accept it is what it is.
So Spooner’s origins and her abilities…to be honest I had completely missed that she was not from our present but actually taken from 1925.  I might have to rewatch the season but I’m not sure I ever caught onto this fact?  Well her origins actually tie directly with John’s search for the Fountain as you see, her powers and time displacement are because of her childhood encounter with the Fountain (which happened to be mushrooms which also happen to be an ancient alien species protecting the Earth from alien threats) 

Astra was also along for this ride and her growth was shown this week as she clearly has a sisterly friendship with Spooner as they are the two newest members of the team. Her efforts to make sure Spooner does not change the past because she would lose her new and only friend.  Along with her attempts to get through to John, shows her time with the Legends has made her softer in all the right ways.

Lisseth Chavez brought it this week with her performance as Spooner, it was gut wrenching to see her being forced to allow her mother’s fate to carry on for the betterment of the future. 
Both Astra and Spooner have cemented themselves now as Legends after this episode’s events.

Back to our destructive duo of Bishop and John.  They’re working together to get John his magic back but as villains have always proven, they do not work quite well and John is sadly backstabbed and left to die. Not before Astra arrives by his side, the mushrooms/fountain consume a remorseful John Constantine who apologises for his actions and then a final nail in the coffin, Zari and the others arrive for his last few seconds before he is completely engulfed by the vines.  That was the end of John Constantine of Earth Prime and what a heart wrenching way to lose such an iconic character.  I do doubt though this is the end of John Constantine (I mean they have been to hell before!) but Matt Ryan stuck the landing on John’s ultimate demise and now we have even more reason to hate Bishop.

With one episode left now we’ve yet to see Bishop’s ultimate plan but I do think he might be getting set up to be a larger villain next season, unless they wrap his story up next week!


Legends continued to tug on our heart strings and gave us reasons to fall in favour for the newest members while also witnessing the sad and crushing death of the legendary John Constantine.  Strong performances throughout and I am very excited to see how it all ties together next week.

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