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Dave reviews 505 Games RED SOLSTICE 2 calling it “one of the best PC games I’ve played…” Available now via Steam.



Red Solstice 2 (505 Games)

Red Solstice 2: Survivors is published by 505 Games, developed by Ironward, and is available now on Steam.


Sequel to the best-seller ​The Red Solstice​. Plan your strategy and infiltrate a real-time tactical battlefield – alone or with up to 7 squad members. Can you demonstrate the combat prowess to survive and secure a future for humanity?


Now any game with a gun and explosions normally grabs my attention and Red Solstice 2: Survivors definitely did that. A direct sequel to the best selling tactical shooter The Red Solstice, with its squad based tactical shooter style gameplay I was definitely looking forward to see what was to be in store for me.

You play as part of an elite squad of soldiers fighting against the alien horde, the action is full on and non stop all members of your team will play their part with you either using AI in single player or co-op with up to seven friends, your precision planning will determine the success of the mission

The set up of missions is innovative in the way you need to scan the area in the hub for available missions that you can complete. At the hub you have the options of many customisation options for your soldiers including cosmetics and weapon combinations.

Working through the missions is a case of getting to the objective, either getting to the extraction point or evacuation. You can spend your time taking out the oncoming horde, however this can distract you from the end objective as the horde is non stop and gets more and more intense but having said that there really isn’t a better a feeling than running through a crowd of crazed aliens with a massive gun and just mowing them all down.

Unlike most shooter/strategy games I found the control set up pretty straight forward and easier to get to grips with, with most actions carried out using the mouse I found the gameplay ran alot smoother than it normally would. Another good addition to the control/combat was the overwatch function that can be turned on and off throughout the mission, overwatch is basically an automated shooting system that allows you to concentrate more on moving your characters while the computer takes down the on coming horde.

The graphics are great with a standard strategy game birds eye over the shoulder view point, the detail of the gameplay worlds are spot in they really feel like they should and I came across now major visual glitches


Overall I found Red Solstice 2: Survivors one of the best PC games I’ve played in a while, I found it far more engaging and enjoyable to play than most strategy games I come across. I enjoyed the story and found the overall experience good fun to play, definitely recommend to anyone.

Grab your copy of Red Solstice 2: Survivors on Steam now (10% off at the moment)

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