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Dave reviews 505 Games EIYUDEN CHRONICLE: RISING, available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.



Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (505 Games)

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is published by 505 Games, developed by Rabbit and Bear Studios.

The game is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Epic and GOG, it is also available on Xbox Game Pass.


After a massive earthquake revealed Runebarrows deep below a town on the remote frontier of the Allraan known as New Nevaeh, fortune-seeking adventurers and merchants from across the world arrive. Among those hoping to find treasure, three star-crossed heroes come together. CJ, the Venerable Scavenger, and Garoo, the Beastman Mercenary, hope to mine the Rune Lens, a source of magic hidden underground. Isha, the Young Deputy Mayor, wants to rebuild her town.


If you are after a game that just oozes a natural wholesome goodness then Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is definitely one for you, the game has a distinct charm about it that you can help but be mesmerised by the anime art style with it’s magical setting beautifully set out to allow you to immerse yourself within a whole new world.

The game itself serves as a prequel story to the upcoming release Eiyuden Chronicle:Hundred Heroes, laying the foundations for whatcloojs to be am encapsulating series.

You play as CJ a charming scavenger as you explore and fight your way through this beautifully crafted 2.5D world of New Nevaeh, incorporating the style of an old school side scrolling platformer and the immersive interactive visual novel aspect that really work together to tell the magical story. Using the RPG elements you gather your resources to level up your character and weapons and also improving your town. The combat is quite easy to grasp which is uncommon for an RPG as sometimes they can be a bit more complex, this is where the game leans a bit more towards the platformer element, using either CJ’s climbing axes or Gaboo’s colossal sword depending on the foe you are against makes the attack that bit more punishing.

The game itself is a bit of a grind as some of the quests are more a case of retrieving something rather than doing anything of major importance but that seems to be the overall gist of the game, scavenging and grinding and I’ll be honest if it means exploring more of this world then I’m definitely up for that, the game seems to be more of a type of game you need to be willing to put time and effort into and of you do that then the enjoyment of the game is definitely there for all. The game does get slightly repetitive as it progresses at it feels like you’re going over some old ground but it doesn’t take too much from the overall enjoyment of the game.


If you like more traditional side-scrolling platformers then Eiyuden Chronicle is the game for you. It takes a little time to get going but paves an exciting path for 2023’s Hundred Heroes.


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