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SUPERMAN & LOIS 1×06 “Broken Trust” Review

Matt reviews the return of The CW’s SUPERMAN & LOIS calling it a pillar of the modern Arrowverse. Catch episodes now on The CW app.



Superman & Lois (Warner Bros. TV/The CW)

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch who return as the titular characters. They will, in turn, be joined by Emmanuelle Chriqui as Clark’s ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang, Erik Valdez as Lana’s husband, Kyle Cushing. Dylan Walsh will portray Lois’ father, General Sam Lane. Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin also co-star in the series as Superman and Lois’ sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.


Clark reconsiders his decision to let Jordan play football. Meanwhile, Lois’ continued investigation of Morgan Edge requires her to trust an unexpected ally.


Superman and Lois return this week after leaving us with the cliffhanger of Tag’s return and Jordan’s first real Meta on Meta battle.

The title stems from the big speech Clark gives at the end which perfectly highlights the expectation and trust the world puts on his shoulders.  They expect Superman to save the day but they also fear that he could turn round one day and hurt them, which is why no matter how he feels he has to control his emotions all the time so as not to lose the trust he has built up.  
As a parent if you saw your child getting beaten up by an entire football team you’d want to go in and fight them but as Superman he can’t because he could cause so much more damage and if that’s not a big issue for being ‘Superman’ I don’t know what is.

This was very much a brother’s focused episode this week with Superman & Lois taking a more supporting role to an extent.  Jordan’s encounter with Tag has left him with potentially gaining Super hearing which is causing him mind numbing migraines.  He’s convinced Jon to not say anything but you can tell he is conflicted.  Jonathan always has his brother’s best interests at heart and it shows throughout this episode.

Trust is a huge aspect for this episode for pretty much all the main cast, Clark has his trust in General Lane crushed when he referred to Tag as a monster and had even tried to use live rounds and Kryptonite Bullets to take him down, thanks to this though we did get to see the incredibly angry side of Clark telling the soldiers to stand down and it’s obvious his trust in General Lane is long gone.  
Elsewhere Lois loses her trust in ‘Mark’ (Alt Lex) who’s flimsy story falls apart when they gain access to the mines and he knows all about X Kryptonite and has a weapon to take out a Kryptonian Powered human.  Never ever underestimate Lois Lane because that woman is sharp! 
The brothers try to keep Jordan’s latest struggles a secret from their dad which ultimately ends up in a heartfelt and painful scene where after he is beaten up by the Metropolis Football Team he has to let his heat vision shoot off into his dads hand while he sobs.
Finally when Jordan once again finds himself up against his old bully he goes to ‘Super Punch’ him despite Jonathan’s pleas which results in Jonathan’s arm being broken and potentially crushing his dreams in being a Quarterback.

Hopefully for the story moving forward we’ll see more of Tag and whoever else inevitably falls victim to the X Kryptonite power granters as it seems mad that General Lane would not want to recruit and train these victims to be a force for good rather than treat them as ‘monsters’. 

I for one am glad Superman and Lois are back on our screens.  6 episodes in and it’s making steady progress on all fronts.  The stories are interesting and tight enough to make me want to keep coming back each week.  The acting is top level and especially this week for Tyler Hoechlin who dropped an incredible Superman speech on control as well as Alex Garfin who continues to show Jordan’s struggles and turmoil of developing these new powers.  
We also get what is the best CGI that the CW is putting out.  Superman fixing a derailing train in a matter of seconds as well as being strong enough to rip Kryptonite shards off his body and throwing them aside.


Superman and Lois might be the new pillar of the Arrowverse but I feel it needs to bring in some connections from the other shows to confirm they are out there.  The Flash would have been a great help to Clark to stop Tag even though Covid and budget would have prevented this crossover for now. 

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