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Hot Toys unleashes magical WANDAVISION figures

Hot Toys are journeying to WestView…



WandaVision (Disney+)

It was only a matter of time before we got some WandaVision Hot Toys figures. Considering that there is usually a delay when it comes to announcing a new figure, just look at Boba Fett, we’re very surprised that images of both Wanda and Vision were released this soon. We’re not complaining, but they both appeared out of thin air… like magic. No teases or previews.

The first figure announced was Scarlet Witch herself, Wanda, in her brand new costume that she gained in the season finale of WandaVision which aired last Friday. After the events of episode 9, it seems as though Wanda has fully embraced her true powers and her ancient identity as the Scarlet Witch. After years of waiting and subtle teases, it’s great to see Wanda in a more comic-book accurate costume. This figure also allows fans to get a better look at her new attire.

Beware the Scarlet Witch’s power…

The next announcement was of course Vision. We’ve had a Vision Hot Toy before and despite his overall look staying pretty much the same, it’s amazing to see how the quality of each figure has improved. In comparison to the Age of Ultron figure, this version is brilliantly detailed. There’s a lot more detail in the body and suit. The muscles are more defined and the face sculpt is a spitting image of Paul Bettany.

Notice that Hot Toys end their announcement with “WandaVision collection”. This might be looking into it too much, but we believe that there will be more Wanda and Vision themed Hot Toys coming very soon. There are quite a few looks they could go for: Halloween costumes, the black & white era could open up a really interesting avenue for Hot Toys, and we have White Vision and Agatha. The WandaVision collection could be quite a large one.

What do you think of Hot Toys’ newest figures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check out more collectible news right here and don’t forget to read up on all things WandaVision.

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