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DC releases new DCTV promotional posters ahead of FanDome event

Ahead of the DC FANDOME event, THE CW has released a set of colourful new posters promoting its various DCTV properties.



Crisis On Infinite Earths (The CW)

As DC prepares for FanDome on August 22, The CW has released a set of new posters for its various DCTV shows.

Each poster features a character from one of the shows against a backdrop of artwork from their respective comics. Though these aren’t new photos it’s still cool to see the TV series tied back to the source material like this.

Interestingly The CW has chosen to use an image of the Batsignal to promote Batwoman. Saving the first photo of Javicia Leslie in costume for FanDome are we?

Take a look at the full set of posters below.

DC FanDome takes place on August 22, the fully virtual event is set to explore all corners of the DC Universe. Take a look at all our coverage here.

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