NIGHTWING #62 (2019)

Nightwing (DC Comics)

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After the epic conclusion to the Burnback saga, it’s clear that while he may have forgotten his past, Ric Grayson’s innate skills and instincts as a team leader elevate Team Nightwing to a new level. But what does that mean for the Blüdhaven PD, and what does that mean for a man who is looking to live a life without the baggage of his past to hold him down? Ric seeks comfort in Bea’s arms, but may find answers in another’s Talons as we dive headlong into the Year of the Villain! 

 Plus, Lex Luthor delivers the Court of Owls the means to own what they covet most: Ric Grayson.


Ric Grayson has reached an awkward adolescence here in the pages of Nightwing #62. He’s made it clear that he wants to separate himself from his past and has actively cut ties with everyone including Barbara, yet this issue opens with him acting as a costumed vigilante. It might not be a Nightwing costume but he’s still suited up and working with the team.

So we find ourselves in an awkward position as the reader. We don’t have our Nightwing back but we do have a Dick Grayson who seems to be giving in to the inevitability that there’s a hero deep down inside him.

The issue presents this well, with writer Dan Jurgens showing Ric finally opening up and telling Bea everything. It was a nice emotional release to seem him open up about his life as Dick to somebody new and explain the reasons why he wants to move on from it.

Bea has quietly become an important character in the Nightwing series and I hope we don’t find her put in peril in order to force him back to his old ways.

The question remains though: is this still a Nightwing series when the main character isn’t, in fact, using the name?

I feel somewhat defeated in reading this book because I love the character but have given up hope of seeing him return to his former self. I haven’t been able to make peace with Ric but I can’t give up on him either.

Bringing back the Court of Owls and the Talons poses and interesting conundrum for the book going forwards. Ric will surely have little to no knowledge of who they are, but given their interest in him he might have no choice but to regain all of those memories in order to serve their purpose.

The “Year of the Villain” event might just be the push DC Comics need to give us back the Dick Grayson we’re all longing for. But in the meantime I can continue to settle for Ric.

This is proving to be a very bad breakup for me…


Nightwing has reached a crossroads. With Dan Jurgens at the helm and an issue which brings back elements from Ric/Dick’s past it seems like we might finally be moving in the right direction…


Nightwing #62 is written by Dan Jurgens with art by Ronan Cliquet and colours by Nick Fildari. Cover art is by Bruno Redondo and Nick Filardi.

Nightwing #62 cover art by Bruno Redondo and Nick Filardi

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