SDCC 2017: Tom King talks ‘Batman’

Batman #33 art by Joelle Jones

Interesting comics news from SDCC today as Batman writer Tom King met with select member of the press to discuss what’s next for The Dark Knight. The series is currently in the middle of “The War of Jokes and Riddles” flashback story. Prior to that we were left on a cliffhanger with Bruce’s proposal of marriage to Selina. That story will be picked up in Batman #33 due later this year.

The issue will begin a new arc for Batman entitled “A Dream of Me” which will feature art by Joelle Jones. King discussed the arc but refused to answer whether Selina would accept of decline the proposal. Thankfully our friends at CBR were there to capture the conversation.

“If he gets engaged, it hits Batman on one level — ‘Holy crap, I’ve never been engaged before.’ If she doesn’t get engaged — if she says, ‘Your past is too much to overcome, what you’ve just confessed in ‘Jokes and Riddles’ is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard, and I can’t be seen with you.’ — that’s also something you’ve never seen from Batman before, and he’s destroyed,” King said. “Batman leaves Gotham, he goes on a quest. We’re going through the desert, he’s got a horse, he’s got a shotgun. He’s going to have his shirt off with a sword, and hair on his chest — we’re going old-school Neal Adams here, guys. In his mind, he’s entered someplace he’s never gone, and now he’s going to go off on a mission that’s completely illegal. It’s something the Robins are blown away that he’s doing, it’s something the entire Justice League doesn’t approve of. But he’s doing it on his own, because he hit that emotional breaking point — or happy point — that he has to move on with this.”

We’ve got a preview of the artwork from Batman #33 below. For all our SDCC 2017 coverage click here!

Batman #33 art by Joelle Jones

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