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‘Suicide Squad’ #4 Review!



'Suicide Squad' #4 art by Gary Frank, Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair & Scott Williams
'Suicide Squad' #4 Cover by Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair & Scott Williams

‘Suicide Squad’ #4 Cover by Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair & Scott Williams

  • Written by Rob Williams
  • Pencils Gary Frank & Jim Lee
  • Inks by Gary Frank & Scott Williams
  • Coloured by Alex Sinclair
  • Cover by Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair & Scott Williams

“THE BLACK VAULT” part four! It’s chaos in Belle Reve when the cosmic contents of the Black Vault are released, causing everyone on the Suicide Squad to turn against each other in a violent rage. Everybody, that is, except for the strangely sane Harley Quinn, who must fight her way through the heavily guarded facility before [REDACTED] can [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] forever!

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After a soft introduction followed by some heavy action ‘Suicide Squad’ moves to normalise its pace with issue #4. Mixing the back end of the action sequence which has featured heavily through the last three issues with more action back at base camp. It was inevitable that ‘Suicide Squad’ couldn’t continue at full throttle for the entire of its run. This way both the characters and us as readers can catch our breath and digest what has taken place.

Before we can catch our breath though the confrontation with Zod has to come to an end. There still time for a lot of Jim Lee’s signature action, backed up by Gary Frank on this issue, which continues a run of good looking issues.

There’s unfortunately no dramatic end to the action as Zod is returned to the sphere from which he escaped. The moment he is recaptured does however give us some good looking panels as he is absorbed. Taking us back to Belle Reve the artwork dials down the background visuals and focusses more on the characters facial expressions. There’s room for some quieter moments but nothing to rival the other DC Comics series in terms of such a heavy focus on character development

‘Suicide Squad’ is striking a great balance. It’s clear that writer Rob Williams understands that its audience are looking for crazy action rather than serious subject matter. I’m not saying that ‘Suicide Squad’ can’t do serious it just does light hearted fun a lot better than it does drama.


‘Suicide Squad’ #4 is another solid issue with strong artwork and an interesting story. It lacks a little punch but it makes up for it in intrigue. Keep an eye on this series and where it’s going ahead of ‘Justice League vs Suicide Squad’.

3 stars



3 stars


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