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Attack on Titan vol.17



'Attack on Titan' vol.17 cover art
'Attack on Titan' vol.17 cover art

‘Attack on Titan’ vol.17 cover art

Attack on Titan needs no introduction and if you are not already on this world wide global bandwagon where have you been? Stop! And go and buy volume one of this amazing manga.

If you have watched the anime, which sadly only one season is currently available. Stop again and pick up the manga from Vol 10 which is where season one. You will not believe what awaits you after the anime.

*********** WARNING SPOLIERS AHEAD **********

If however you are an avid manga reader come join me on my review of the latest volume to be released. So where were we at the end of Vol 16? Oh yes, that’s right: Histroria (previously known as Krista) lays her hands on a chained up Eren; his memories flash before our eyes….you can’t turn the pages quick enough to discover what has been revealed….turn the page and you’re stopped in your tracks with the big black block letters: TO BE CONTINUED……..

Attack on Titan is classically known for leaving the reader on a cliffhanger, as much as this is frustrating for the reader it is also what guarantees you to buy the next volume. Or how else will you find out what happens next? Volume 17 is no exception – this cliff hanger is HUGE. I will not give anything away – this is your treat to discover but I will say you won’t be disappointed. The plot has just taken a major turn.

Enough of the ending, what happens in the rest of the volume. Without giving away too much detail and plot reveals. We discover more about Levi’s past and his unanswered relationship to Kenny, who surnames are both Ackerman. But hold on a second, isn’t Mikasa surname also Ackerman too? Are her and Levi related? Who knows…we will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us known in the comments below.

What else happens? Well, Eren’s titan form is given an upgrade in the form of a new power and the Walls get a new royal family….can you guess who? Each volume is approx. 175 pages with approx. 10 frames per page – in this manga no frame is wasted, these volumes are always packed to the rim with plot and action.

But what do I think of this volume? Purely for the ending it is defiantly in the top ten. Unlike previous volumes there is very little dead space. The action is fast and fluid and the plot takes great leaps and bounds in development. 100% recommend read. Another hit from the legend Hajime Isayama.

Bring on Vol 18……..Hurry up April!!!!!!

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