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TV News: ‘Gotham’ round-up



'Gotham' on Fox

Premiering on September 22nd on Fox ‘Gotham‘ is one of the most talked about and most buzzed pilots of the 2014/15 season. The show had a big presence at SDCC this year with the city skyline forming the backdrop to a 130 foot long (and 30 foot high!) zip line between the convention centre and the Hilton hotel as well as freebies given away at the DC stand and a screening of the pilot as part of the Warner TV panel on the Saturday night with appearances from the cast at all of the above.

Of the big three pilots for DC this year, the others being ‘The Flash‘ and ‘Constantine‘, ‘Gotham‘ is the only one not to have leaked online although the writers over at Bleeding Cool have managed to see a copy (you can checkout their thoughts here) and they have a lot of good things to say about it.

As you know we’re big fans of Batman here at GYCO so we’re going to be following this show closely and with that in mind here’s a little roundup of the latest goings on:

Deadline has just broken the news that ‘Dexter‘ alum David Zayas has been cast as Salvator Maroni. Maroni is most famous for scarring the face of Harvey Dent giving birth to the Two-Face character, here expect to see him vying against rival mob boss Falconi (John Doman) for territory in Gotham.

– Fans in the queue for the ‘Gotham‘ zip line were handed copies of the ‘Gotham Chronicle‘ newspaper featuring the headline ‘WAYNES SHOT DEAD IN ALLEY’ but an advert on the back page directs readers to a neatly designed tumblr blog with media from the show.

– Fox has launched a contest – sadly only for US residents – looking for fan made posters and trailers for the show. Details of the contest can be found here. As part of the contest Fox have released a huge amount of promotional materials to help fans create their artwork which you can see in the gallery at the top of the page.

– Finally the ‘Gotham‘ YouTube page has pulled together lots of clips, trailers, interviews and footage from SDCC to make the below playlist so sit back and check it out.

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