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COMIC REVIEW: ‘Justice League’ #23.4 Secret Society



‘Justice League’ #23.4 Secret Society
‘Justice League’ #23.4 Secret Society

‘Justice League’ #23.4 Secret Society

  • Cover by Mikel Janin
  • Written by Sterling Gates
  • Art by Szymon Kudranski
  • Coloured by John Kalisz

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Another ‘Villains Month’ issue, another misleading cover. This is becoming a theme with this series. The cover features Outsider, AMAZO and Copperhead but the story on the inside of this issue although narrated by Outsider is actually really a story of Owlman.

This issue ties in to the wider arc of ‘Villains Month’ and also directly in to the ‘Forever Evil’ title so if you’re only casually reading these specials this is one for you not to miss.

There’s a great insight in to the psychology of Owlman and also in to the world of Earth3. Gates manages to cram in an origin story for Owlman, set up his relationship with the Earth3 Joker, bring in Dick Grayson and tie in the ‘Forever Evil’ title with a guest appearance by Nightwing so as you can imagine it’s a pretty jam-packed issue.

The story is relatively simple, Outsider narrates us his thought on his partnership with Owlman as the man himself catches up with Earth3 Joker for a showdown about the death of Grayon – known as Talon in Earth3. As the story draws to a close Owlman is called to Ultrapolis by Ultraman and the story shifts to Outsiders fact finding of our universe.

It’s a really well written little tale that doesn’t just pack in a lot of exposition but does it well and keeps it interesting for the reader.

The artwork is incredibly dark, possibly even more so than some current universe ‘Batman’ comics so that makes for an interesting change. It has me intrigued to see if we can somehow explore Earth3 further in the future, anybody for an ‘Owlman’ ongoing series?



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