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Masashi Ando’s THE DEER KING Coming To Cinemas July 27th

Bow before The Deer King – an epic fantasy from the animation director behind Princess Mononoke and Your Name!



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We have some incredibly exciting news from the world of anime. Anime Limited has announced the big screen release of The Deer King. This brand new feature is actually Masashi Ando’s directorial debut. Does that name sound familiar? It certainly should. Ando has worked as a Chief Animation Director on some of the biggest films in anime, from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, to the sensational Your Name from Makoto Shinkai. But now, Ando is looking to carve his very own legend with The Deer King which will be released this July.

Despite being years in the making, The Deer King‘s story will surely resonant with all of its viewers. Set in the midst of a pandemic, The Deer King focuses on the growing war between two opposing nations as the dreaded Black Wolf Fever returns to ravage the land. The two nations have their own plans for the one man who could potentially hold the secret to the cure. This is where we meet Van Gamsa and his surrogate daughter Yuna. Van is a former war hero, but after years of fighting he simply wants to live a quiet life. However, he is soon forced to fight once more when he is targeted by the rival nations.

The enthralling world of The Deer King, which has been so beautifully animated, is based on the Japanese fantasy novels by writer Nahoko Uehashi who originally wrote Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.

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Here’s the full synopsis:

In the years following a vicious war, the Empire of Zol now controls the land and citizens of rival Aquafa – except for Aquafa’s Fire Horse Territory, where wild dogs that once carried the deadly Black Wolf Fever continue to roam free. When a pack of dogs race through a Zol-controlled mine, Van, an enslaved former soldier, and a young girl named Yuna are both bitten, but manage to escape as the sole survivors of the attack. Finally free, Van and Yuna seek out a simple, peaceful existence in the countryside. But as the deadly disease once again runs rampant, they find themselves at the crossroads of a struggle much larger than any one nation. 

The Deer King will be shown in selected cinemas nationwide from 27th July 2022 in Japanese with English subtitles, as well as an English-language dub from 28th July 2022.

Check out the trailer below:

For more information and to book tickets, you can visit

What do you think of The Deer King? Will you be booking tickets? Make sure you let us know in the comments. We’re already booked in, and we can’t wait to see the what this fantastical and poltically driven adventure has to offer.


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