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ARROW Looks To The Skies This April With Packed Schedule

Take a look at all the titles joining the ARROW platform in April 2022, including the debut of The Sacred Spirit.




In April, ARROW premieres The Sacred Spirit, an astounding, one-of-a-kind masterwork from Spanish writer/director Chema Garcia Ibarra.   What starts out as a kooky comedy about a seemingly-harmless group of eccentric UFO spotters then takes a truly unexpected turn into much darker material. Ibarra, making his feature debut here, manages to balance this uneasy mix of the quirky and downright disturbing. Composing scenes with a Wes Anderson-esque attention to detail, and shooting in luminous 16mm, he draws marvellous performances from a non-professional cast in the city of Elche (Ibarra’s hometown).  It’s a truly unique, powerful and eventually extraordinarily moving film that you can see first on ARROW.

Also in April, ARROW presents the third season of the weirdest and wildest and just downright out there titles rescued from celluloid obscurity by a bunch of brilliant boutique cult film preservers: Vinegar Syndrome Collection: VOL. III. ARROW favourite José Larraz (Edge of the Axe, Deadly Manor) directs the wonderfully trashy and gory Rest in Pieces; The Passing is a sci-fi body-swapping examination of love, loneliness and the fear of dying; and The Battle for the Lost Planet and Mutant War are to be taken together, and feature a thief out of time facing down alien mutants. And prepare yourself for Beyond the Door 3 – a possession slasher sequel that goes the Under Siege 2 route by taking place… on a train! For those who love nunsploitation there’s Malabimba, and if it’s Rambo vs. bikers you’re after then you really do not want to miss Savage Dawn.

Seasons in April include Twisting The Knife: Four Films by Claude Chabrol, with a selection of   provocative and unsettling films from the French master, that cut to the quick with a clarity and honesty honed to razor sharpness; Poliziotteschi “High-speed Italian crime!”, featuring hard-hitting, white hot lead-filled, pedal-to-the-metal movies straight out of a 70s Italy, offering a fascinating insight into a highly specific time and place where corruption and class informed the filmmakers choices, in often morally dubious action-packed thrillers; and dive into 110% ADRENALINE, an action-packed collection of Euro-Crime films featuring half a dozen utterly exhilarating features from Italy’s Fernando di Leo. 

Also showing in April are unnerving an chiller starring the marvellous Tod Slaughter; serial killers on film; creepy-crawlies unleashed; paranoia in the movies, and more!

Here’s the full April schedule:


New Titles – From April 1

Kidnap Syndicate

Naked Violence

Rulers of the City

Shoot First, Die Later

The Boss 

The Italian Connection 

The Face at the Window

The Heroin Busters

The Big Racket 

New Titles – From April 4

Savage Dawn 

Funky Forest: The First Contact 

The Warped Forest

The Passing

Battle for the Lost Planet 

Mutant War

New Titles – From April 15

The Sacred Spirit

Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine

New Titles – From April 18

Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer

New Titles – From April 25

The Dirty Dolls 

She Mob 

Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things 

The Curious Dr. Hump

The Girl from Pussycat 

Things to Come

The Swindle

The Color of Lies


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