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VINYL #6 Review

Dave laments on the final issue of Image Comics’ VINYL saying “each book was better than the last” and hoping to see more from this world in the future.



Vinyl #1 (Image Comics)

Vinyl #6 is published by Image Comics, written by Doug Wagner and illustrated by Daniel Hillyard.

Print copies will be available either directly from Image Comics or from your local comic store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


A sunflower death bunker ablaze. Ella Fitzgerald blaring in every room. It’s Walter versus Madeleine.


Vinyl as a series has surprised me I really wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, easily one of the stand out comic series of 2021. Walter has to be the most likeable serial killer I have come across a truly multi dimensional character, a man that comes across so gentle can also come across deadly such a well written character I found it fascinating to see him progress through the series.

Alas like most good things we have come to the end with the 6th issue being the last in the series and to say it has gone out with a bang would be an understatement, it has all come down to this Walter versus Madeleine with no distractions this is the battle to end all battles and if you have been reading the series you just know it’s going to get bloody and very graphic. This issue takes you through the wringer both visually and mentally taking you through all the emotions as Walter tries to come out of this on top, one thing is for sure they won’t be the same after this battle, which could be a battle to the end.

Throughout this series Doug Wagner has had me gripped to the story and invested me into the characters themselves, creating a dark world that you can’t help but love with characters you root for and characters you just hate, a great piece of writing throughout. Once again Daniel Hillyard has brought his unique skills to the illustrations with each page as bloody and graphic as the rest, I think you can guess that this isn’t a bedtime story book.


I absolutely loved Vinyl as a series each book was better than the last, I hope that we get to see more from the book in some capacity as there did seem potential for more. If you are looking for something a little different and aren’t scared of a bit of blood then look no further, you won’t be disappointed.

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