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VINYL #4 Review

Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ VINYL once again praising the series’ strong writing and hoping for a TV adaption.



Vinyl #1 (Image Comics)

Vinyl #4 is published by Image Comics, written by Doug Wagner, illustrated by Daniel Hillyard and Dave Stewart.

Issue #4 is available now from either Image Comics direct or from your local comic book shops, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Walter can’t remember who he is, and without him, this serial killer rescue mission is doomed. In other “sunflower death cult news,” the Beast and Mother are loose, Guy and Vic brawl against a frenzy of Sunflower Girls, and Rennie has run off to make clothing from human flesh.


When you think a series couldn’t get anymore darker or more graphic Image Comics release issue #4 of Vinyl which takes the already dark and pretty gruesome series to a whole different level but at the same time they aren’t taking it darker for no reason this does actually follow the path of the story arc and makes sense in terms of story.

In a heartbreaking twist to the story my favourite serial killer Walter is taking a progressive step forward in the Alzheimer’s journey as he completely forgets who he is and taking off his trademark mask which seems to make him feel even more insecure, which strangely enough for a serial killer makes you want to put your arm around him and make it OK. Walter and his gang of killers really take it to the deadly cult this issue with extreme consequences leading to making the last to issues certainly unmissable

Wagner has produced a stunning story that really makes you look deep inside you as a person and makes you understand and reinterpret how you judge people, also the book is rammed full of gorey action. The illustrations are immense Hillyard and Stewart have done a great job in bringing Wagner’s words to life, it’s over the top but not in a silly way so still feels a good story, a great job by the whole creative team.


Vinyl continues to get better with each issue making this an unmissable series each month. If there are any production companies out there reading this review, please consider making an adaption. Vinyl is crying out for a TV series!

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