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VINYL #2 Review

Dave reviews the second issue of BOOM! Studios VINYL calling it a “strong story with even stronger art style.”



Vinyl #1 (Image Comics)

Vinyl #2 is published by Image Comics. The issue is written by Doug Wagner, illustrated by Daniel Hillyard, coloured by Dave Stewart and lettered by Ed Dukeshire.

Issue #2 is available 28th July 2021 direct from Image Studios or from your local comic store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Our serial killer Walter has sealed himself in an underground bunker with a sunflower death cult. Now he’s being hunted by an insane myriad of Husks, Sunflower Girls, and monsters. Everything the cult can send at him. Good thing Walter didn’t come alone. That’s right. Walter brought along some friends.


My favourite serial killer, Walter, returns in one of my favourite comic series of late Vinyl, the first issue was dark with issue #2 taking things a whole lot darker.

The story continues with Walter in an underground bunker and fighting his way through a multitude of badguys in the only way he can, gruesomely with plenty of graphic violence, lovely.

As the book goes on the story gets more and more twisted, however I’m still rooting for Walter, and still not had that cup of tea with him yet!! He just has that charm that you can’t help but like. I’m looking forward to the third issue to see where the story will go as it ended in quite an exciting fashion (no spoilers).

The storytelling from Wagner is next level, you can’t help but relate to the characters and feel what they are going through, leaving you entranced and wanting more. The illustrations from Hillyard are just awe inspiring telling a visual story dragging you in with its eye catching detail, partner that up with the eye catchingly bright colours and tones used and you’ve got an extremely good looking comic. I’m looking forward to see what the creative team will bring to the table next issue.


Strong story with even stronger art style, loved every page and completey recommend to any of you comic fans who like their stories a bit more graphic. Definitely one to grab.

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