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Brand new SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Hot Toy teases magical crossover

Get a closer look at Spider-man’s new Gold & Black suit from No Way Home!



Spider-Man 3

Thanks to a previous bombardment of Spider-Man: No Way Home merchandise ranging from Pop Vinyls to LEGO sets, we now have a decent idea of the new suits we can expect to see in Spidey’s third movie. However, the images we go were somewhat limitied in terms of scope… until Hot Toys chipped in.

Thanks to Hot Toys unveiling Peter’s new Black & Gold suit, fans have received an even better look at the mysterious costume. What’s odd is that we haven’t received a trailer or even a poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home yet. So we’re not entirely sure why the rather spoilery merch is being displayed now. Especially when you consider that every first look at previous MCU Hot Toy have been released weeks after the show or film has aired.

Strange, isn’t it?

So, what makes this suit so special? Well, it looks as though Doctor Strange will be helping Peter with his wardrobe. The suit definitely has a magical vibe to it but it’s hard to pinpoint what the suit will actually be capable of.

Check out this figure in all of its glory below:

Spidey’s new suit has some incredibly nice details on it. You can see some great textures on the black parts of the suit. It seems to be a combination of techy glyphs as well as magical writing similar to what we’ve seen in Doctor Strange. On top of that, we also have some brand new gauntlets that can shoot out energy. The gold segments, while minimal, also seem to comprise of mystical writing and patterns.

What’s interesting is that this suit isn’t completely void of Spider-Man’s primary color. As you can see, the suit has a very small amount of red around his arms. Could the black suit be an additional layer that sits on top of his classic red suit? I guess we’ll have to wait until the film is released.

If this film is indeed focusing on the arrival of enemies from different timelines… It’s likely that this suit will help give Peter some sort of advantage.

You can Pre-order Spider-Man’s Black & Gold suit directly from Sideshow Collectibles right now. The immensely detailed figure has been priced at $270 and is expected to ship between January and March of 2022, just after the release of Spider-man: No Way Home. While we definitely can’t wait to see this figure up close and personal, we’re even more excited to see the suit in action on the big screen.

What do you think of Hot Toys’ newest figure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check out more collectible news right here.

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