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LOKI 1×06 “For All Time. Always” Review

Matt reviews the finale of Disney+’s LOKI praising the “calm finale” for it’s focus on setting up the bigger picture of the MCU Phase 4.



Loki (Marvel Studios/Disney+)

Loki stars the returning Tom Hiddleston alongside Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Stream the full first season on Disney+ now.


The clock is ticking in the season finale which finds Loki and Sylvie on a date with destiny.


So after 6 weeks, Loki and Sylvie finally get their answers (and ours!) in the final episode of Season 1 of Loki.  

Following on from last week’s manic and fast paced episode featuring multiple Lokis, a unique world from leftover parts of countless destroyed timelines and a giant smoke beast, the chaotic duo finally reach the end of their goal and to the end of time itself. Miss Minutes pops back up showing she knows everything and kudos to Tara Strong who flipped her from a kind and fun sentient app to a malicious and manipulating sentient app that jump scares all of us!

Despite the temptation to get the timelines they always wanted, the two Loki’s push on and we are finally shown the man behind the curtain….and it is none other than Kang! Although he goes by the name He Who Remains.

Before that though, the TVA is being thrown into chaos thanks to Mobius freeing Hunter B15 and them both showing other agents and hunters the truth of the TVA to bolster their defences and we are shown that Renslayer was a teacher in Ohio back in 2018 (previously shown on a pen in her office)Mobius was not really a match combat wise to Renslayer and she escapes to parts unknown, something which will most likely be explored in the next season.

Back at the end of time though, “He Who Remains” (I’ll refer to as HWR) explains that he was a scientist in the 31st century who discovered the multiverse at the same time other versions of him did, they had peace where they helped each universe grow, but when evil versions of him tried to conquer other universes he seeked out Alioth and tamed the beast.  He created the TVA and put an end to the multiverse.  This was a very exposition heavy episode to be fair however Jonathan Majors kills it and kept me following his story throughout.  It’ll be great to see all the alternate versions of Kang he’ll no doubt be playing over the next X amount of years!

Loki and Sylvie fight over their branching paths between killing HWR can result in countless more threats much worse and Sylvie finishing her life long mission and killing the man who took literally everything from her. This fight leads to one fantastic line from Loki, one which perfectly sums up his and Sylvie’s relationship. “you can’t trust and I can’t be trusted” which speaks volumes with how far Loki has come since episode 1.  He was offered everything, the throne of Asgard, the Infinity Stones, killing Thanos but Loki has grown beyond these goals, how all of that is ultimately pointless in the grand infinite of time.

Sylvie pulls a mischief move however and sends Loki back to the TVA and proceeds to kill HWR and ultimately cause the timeline to breach into countless directions! Now left alone with her decisions.

I now believe this sets up a storyline we’ll witness between the big stories within Marvels What If? series. Before we leave though Loki catches up to Hunter B15 and Mobius but finds they don’t know him anymore, this is not the TVA he left behind and we’re left with the final shot of a giant stone Kang statue and now it seems an alternate Kang has already rewritten it! 

I feel there will alot of people disappointed on a very calm finale in comparison to episode 5’s intense and action heavy set up but in the grand scheme of the MCU this is a huge reveal! He Who Remains being the MCU’s version of Kang who has kept control of the timeline (through killing countless lives and timelines) and now he no longer exists, time itself is branching off, multiverses spanning everywhere, alternate Kangs on the loose and now I firmly believe Kang will be the next big Thanos level threat.  


I loved the final episode from a bigger picture standpoint and cannot wait to see it continue in Season 2 as well as how much damage the multiverse can cause to the MCU! 

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