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MY HERO ACADEMIA movie 3 visual released

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia fans were sent on a little adventure yesterday. Through three connected Twitter accounts, fans were tasked with connecting and finding pieces of a new visual that teased a brand new project.

So, what was it? Lets start at the beginning. The first Tweet came from the TV anime account- @heroaca_anime. There was a link to their website and part of a phrase “HE WILL ME”.

The first link brought up this section of the visual:

Katsuki Bakugo

The second Tweet came from the My Hero Academia film account- @heroaca_movie – that focused primarily on promoting Two Heroes and Heroes Rising. Their cryptic message, like the previous, was a link to their website and the next part of mystery phrase- “THE THREE MU”.

The second link brought fans to this:

Izuku Midoriya

The final Tweet came from the Twitter account for the My Hero Academia manga- @myheroacademia – and actually completed the phrase. “SKETEERS”.

The final link brought you to the third and final part of the visual:

Shoto Todoroki

You’re probably thinking… what’s a SKETEERS? Well, once you combine the three you get this:


It’s safe to assume that we are looking at “The Three Musketeers”- Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki. It is also safe to assume, remembering that there has been no confirmation, that this is the first visual for the third film. This raises some intriguing questions.

Who is “He” in this tagline? Could it be a brand new villain? or Tomura Shigaraki or All For One? Also, what’s with the near gear? It looks amazing but what’s it for? Both movies have seen our favourite characters don their iconic outfits with very minor changes and upgrades. While there are still hints of their costume colours, they’ve moved away from their traditional hero suits.

If this is indeed a visual for a new movie, we might actually hear something about it very soon. We’ll be sure to keep you guys informed. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out more anime related news here.

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