Ghost of Tsushima

As we gear up for the long awaited release of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, we have been gifted with a brand new trailer showcasing more exciting story elements.

With Tsushima on the brink of destruction at the hands of the ruthless and merciless Mongol invaders, Jin Sakai embarks on a journey to protect his home and his people. However, to accomplish his goals he will have to set aside him samurai traditions and adapt to his new enemies. His new paths is set out in front of him- the path of the Ghost.

You can check out the awesome new trailer right here:

We cannot wait for this game. Our excitement has been building up ever since the first trailer. But the most important question is…. how will you play? as the honorable samurai or as the Ghost.

Ghost of Tsushima will give players the freedom to experiment with two very unique playing styles. One that incorporates the noble nature of the samurai. While the other allows the players to stick to the shadows bringing their enemies to a swift end.

The upcoming game officially went gold, meaning the game is now completed, a few days after its initial release of June 26. Combined with this stunning trailer, we think it is safe to say that the hype train has well and truly left the station.

Let us know which style you will be implementing when you pick up Ghost of Tsushima, the Samurai or the Ghost!

Ghost of Tsushima will be available to play on the PlayStation 4 on July 17th 2020.

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By James Lister

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