VENOM 2 finds Cinematographer


Robert Richardson, the three-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer, is set to shoot VENOM 2.

Richardson has been involved in some absolutely amazing projects:

  • Platoon
  • Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
  • Shutter Island
  • Live by Night
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Just to name a few.

With Andy Serkis at the helm of Sony’s sequel this actually reunites him with the cinematographer. In 2017, Richardson was the director of photography for Andy Serkis’ directorial debut, Breathe which starred Andrew Garfield as Robert Cavendish.

Tom Hardy is set to reprise his role as both Eddie Brock, the ambitious journalist, and the hungry alien symbiote.

Michelle Williams is also set to return as Eddie Brock’s ex, Anne Weying.

Also, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Woody Harrelson is also expected to return as Cletus Kasady. If Kasady is the villain of the sequel that means we will finally see a brawl between Venom and Carnage. With Richardson in charge of shooting, we could get something truly special.

With Richardson being one of the industry’s most prolific cinematographers, this is incredibly exciting news for VENOM 2.

As the crew expands ever so slightly, we can expect more news regarding the cast and potentially the story. Keep an eye out! We will be sure to update you.

Are you excited for VENOM 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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