November 27, 2020

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Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

DAREDEVIL #7 review

Daredevil #7 is available now where all good comics are sold!


In the aftermath of Chip Zdarsky’s explosive first arc of DAREDEVIL, the ground of Hell’s Kitchen has shifted and Matthew Murdock has emerged a changed man…but for better or worse? Don’t miss the second installment of this new arc: “No Gods, Only Devils”!


Chip Dzarsky continues is groundbreaking run on Daredevil with another stunning issue this week. “No Devils, Only Gods” second part continues to follow Matt Murdock having given up the mantle of Daredevil.

But finally we’ve stepped past the character at his lowest and are starting to see just how a “normal” life for Matt Murdock might work. There are some interesting insights in to how he still uses his powers to his advantage. The scene flirting with the owner of the bookstore is a little awkward but illustrates that Matt can’t quite leave all of those special abilities in the past.

In the workplace he also seems to be excelling although a little heart scare seems to tease there’s more going on than meets the eye. Perhaps the perfect life of Matt Murdock isn’t quite as perfect as he thinks it is. Being confronted by the ghosts of his past has never been easy and of course Matt turns to the church for comfort.

All the elements that make the character who he is are still there. Zdarsky is simply bringing them to us from a new angle as he tries to grasp life with both hands.

This week we also continue to see Wilson Fisk struggling with Daredevil being off the streets. It’s funny to see how much he is struggling to function without the devil to beat down. Clearly unfinished business means a lot to this character but it’s concerning to know that he’ll go to any lengths to try and tempt Matt back in to the costume.

Of course we’ve also got the copycat Daredevil out on the streets. She makes a brief appearance in this issue to help stop an attack out on the streets. It’s only a brief cameo but will certainly lead to a more interesting story down the line.


Another solid issues in the Dzarsky Daredevil line. It’s hard to know just where this story is going but I’m excited to continue on this journey of self discover for Matt Murdock.


Daredevil #7 is written by Chip Zdarsky who also provides the cover, internal art is by Lalit Kumar Sharma.

Daredevil #7 cover art by Chip Dzarsky

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