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COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman ’66’ #13



‘Batman ’66′ #13
‘Batman ’66′ #13

‘Batman ’66′ #13

  • Cover by Mike Allred
  • Written by Jeff Parker
  • Art by Ruben Procopio
  • Coloured by Matthew Wilson

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This week ‘Batman ‘66’ inducts a new artist in to its roster and also takes a closer look at one of the lesser known villains of the TV series The Sandman.

This issue takes a bit of getting used to in terms of its artwork. Ruben Procopio comes to ‘Batman’ as a fresh face and his artwork is a massive departure from what has come before in this title. His work is much more characturist but it’s not like anything currently out there in comic world particularly in the mainstream.

There’s not reliance on representing the actors from the TV series and so the show takes on a new level of originality in its appearance. The costumes and gadets are the same but the faces have a much more heavily stylised and classic look. At first glance I was very unsure but actually by the time I finished this issue Procopio had won me over.

The Sandman is an interesting villain for Parker to have selected for this arc. I vaguely remember his appearances from the show and looking at IMDB he may only have appeared in two episodes, most likely one two part story. After thirteen issues it feels like Parker knows his audience and knows what risks he can take with this storytelling and so is running with it. Previous arcs have all relied on villains who are household names or who made memorable appearances in the show but its good to see other villains having a chance to come to the forefront.

There’s a less over-the-top and complex story in this issue which is also not a bad thing. The Sandman is putting citizens of Gotham to sleep and stealing their secrets for his own maniacal use.

The simpler story allows for some larger set pieces but also more of the character moments including the continuing running joke where Bruce and Dick are still not able to make it on their fishing trip.

Parker has constructed a story that allows the artwork to shine more than in previous weeks which is an admirable quality when his work can outside every other aspect of this book easily.

An interesting beginning to the latest arc, more experimental but with positive results.



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