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COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman ’66’ #11



Batman '66 (DC Comics)
‘Batman ’66′ #11

‘Batman ’66′ #11

Cover by Mike Allred

Written by Jeff Parker

Art & Colours by Jonathan Case

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This week Batman ‘66 concludes the Mad Hatter arc with ‘A Chase in London Town’ which picks up right where last weeks chapter left off with the crown jewels stolen from the Tower of London and the Dynamic Duo making chase as Mad Hatter makes his escape.

What I’ve really enjoyed with this story is seeing this version of the Hatter getting to inhabit the kind of large scale story that other A-list villains were treated to as part of the series. The Hatter in the TV series doesn’t resemble the Hatter that many fans will know from the comics and cartoons that have come since but he still embodies some of the hypnotic talents of his source material equivalent.

I talked in my last review about how breaking out from Gotham had allowed the story the open itself up, granted in the TV series the writers would invent any form of locale that the story required but as this comic is bringing some continuity to the ‘66 universe the move to London (or is that Londinium?!) has proven incredibly successful for this story.

I have to touch on DC² just because it is put to work amazingly well in this issue, possibly even more so than last week. The transitions between panels are brilliant and well integrated in to the story, at times the comic almost becomes fully animated which takes Case’s artwork to a whole new level. After reading this issue I now want to see the team of Parker and Case working on a Batman ‘66 animated series.

I’d love to see this book getting the recognition it deserves in the mainstream comic media. The stories, dialogue and the artwork are all at a standard way above some comics currently in print and I hope that mainstream audiences aren’t put off by the pop art nature.


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