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COMIC REVIEW: Batman ’66 #9



Batman ’66 #9
Batman ’66 #9

Batman ’66 #9

Cover by Mike Allred

Written by Jeff Parker

Art by Sandy Jarrell

Coloured by Rico Renzi

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Beware of spoilers!

We’re on to our next back-up story this week in ‘Batman ‘66’ and for this little gem Jeff Parker has called on the villainous Egghead – played by Vincent Price in the original series – to cause mayhem in Gotham.

I would have liked to see The Joker’s arc stretch to a full three issues but this format of a major villain for the main story and a lesser villain for the back-up story does seem to work well. I doubt that Egghead could have filled a full two issues without pairing with another villain so to bring him out of retirement for this short story is genius.

More and more we’re seeing Parker take the stories to territory that is far beyond that of the TV series but not in the kind of departure that makes it unrecognisable.

This is a neat little story which requires very little setup and as we’ve come to expect from this series packs in a lot of story in to a short space of time.

Sandy Jarrell is a new to the series and brings some cool artwork to the table. There’s a feel of the art we’ve previously seen from Jonathan Case but with a load of individual flair from Jarrell.

Egghead is clearly Egghead and there are some subtle hints of Price whilst Batman and Robin at par for the course in their reflections of West and Ward.

Jarrell also gets a massive thumbs up for getting to draw the Bat-copter!

A fun, simple story to follow-up the complex Joker arc. For 69p it’s well worth a read!



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