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NIGHTWING (2016-) #108 Review

Neil reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ NIGHTWING from writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne. Available now where all good comics are sold.



Nightwing #107 (DC Comics)

Nightwing #108 is written by Tom Taylor and published by DC Comics. Artwork is by Stephen Byrne and colours by Adriano Lucas. Letters are by Wes Abbott. The backup story is written by Michael W. Conrad, with artwork by Serge Acuna and colours by Ivan Plascencia. Main cover art (left) is by Bruno Redondo.

Nightwing #108 is available now, in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.


Amid Nightwing’s investigation of the mystery behind the secret society called the Hold and their connection to the origin of Blüdhaven, Dick runs into his old flame Bea Bennett! Is Bea back to confront Nightwing for some closure, or is she somehow related to the secret pirate society?


Okay Taylor, you got me. Last month we began to see the makings of a cool pirate story for Dick. But this month the now mythical writer has really upped the stakes and created something as intriguing as it is outlandish to behold. Where’s my Pirate Nightwing action figure?

I don’t want to linger too much more on the connections Taylor has made with Dan Jurgens’ Ric Grayson storyline. Much has been written about it at this point. But what I would like to focus on for a moment is the connection between Dick and Bea. Whilst I don’t think that Barbara should be worried. There’s a really cool spark between Dick and Ric’s former flame that Taylor has really cleverly tapped in to. I think it says a lot about his character, particularly given how far he’s come since Ric, that he helps Bea almost without question. It really speaks to who Dick is and that strength of character which has made him a leader.

That being said, he’s really getting himself in to hot water this month. With much of the exposition out of the way we know that Bea is part of a secret – pirate – society. Her adoptive brother is out for her head to take over their father’s mantle. The ship is on its way to an unknown location in order to deal with this issue. So this month we’re headed to a very secret pirate city (!!!) hidden somewhere off the coastline of Blüdhaven. I have to admire Taylor for really pushing the boundaries with this one. Nightwing has so often been a title which has lived within the confines of street-level crime. Like Batman, Nightwing is a character who fights hand-to-had and whose foes aren’t (always) moustache twirling supervillains. But here we are, a city beneath the city which exists entirely for pirates.

Of course, as this is Taylor there’s some humour to be had. A great joke at the expense of a global coffee brand existing in an underground city is just the kind of tonic required to really hammer home the absurdity of the story. But because it’s Taylor and because it’s so well constructed, it works. There’s also, of course, a great third act twist which is enough to throw the story off course ready for next month. The mystery and the intrigue because The Crossed Keys may not quite be the same as when Scott Snyder introduced the Court of Owls. But it certainly breaks new ground for DC’s current flagship series.

Michael W. Conrad’s backup story reaches a cool conclusion this issue with the culmination of each previous chapter. Marlin interrupts date night between Dick and Barbara. The villains story, which began back in Detective Comics #154 in 1949, finally comes to an end. “Odd Hours” has featured some cool action sequences and this final instalment is no different. Serge Acuna and Ivan Plascencia are dynamite team who have created a cool, unique style which stands tall against Stephen Byrne and Adriano Lucas in the main story. It’s well worth hanging around even just for the final page, brining together each of “Odd Hours” guest stars.


Nightwing takes a huge leap with its latest chapter, introducing a brand new location unlike anything the series has done before. Taking action-adventure to the high seas continues to prove successful for the former Boy Wonder and his superstar creative team.


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