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Dave reviews the upcoming BATTLECATS MCS Legacy Collection from Mad Cave Studios, available from today in comic book stores.



Battlecats: Hunt for the Dire Beast (Mad Cave Studios)

Battlecats Vol 1: Hunt for The Dire Beast is published by Mad Cave Studios, written by Mark London and illustrated by Andy King.

Vol 1 is available 17th October 2023 either directly from Mad Cave Studios online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Follow Kelthan, Vaela, Zorien, Kaleera, and Mekkar as they undertake a perilous quest through different regions in pursuit of The Dire Beast while unearthing dark secrets, and even darker enemies. But first, Kelthan and the Battlecats must journey through the Dark Forest facing an unexpected enemy from their past.


In this collected volume we are taken on a wild ride through time on the hunt for the Dire Beast, a beast more powerful than anything in the universe. The Battlecats must take out this threat and save Valderia. To find the answer to how they can save Valderia you need to go back and discover the past. From the origins of the Lion God to the different incarnations of Eramad the leader of Valderia, the Lionborne that overseas the kingdom restoring order in a once chaotic kingdom and keeping the evil that lurks in the shadows at bay.

Over the many years there have been many battles that the Lionborne has carried through the citizens of Valderia but the looming shadow of the Direbeast is ever present as the Battlecats keep the constant threat of the Umbra Raiders away. For centuries the Battlecats have kept evil from the shores of Valderia but the evil of the Direbeast could well be the one battle that could change the universe forever.

I’ve been lucky enough to review a few Battlecats titles and have enjoyed each one, the series brings back memories of childhood with similarities to another childhood favourite (and still a favourite) series Thundercats but with a bit more brutish force behind it. Mark London writes with a natural fluidity in these books, the speed of the story is unrelenting but you never once get the feeling that you are lost as the story progresses at a natural pace.

I always enjoy reading the different stories from the Battlecats universe and really enjoyed this collection as more of an origins story that gave more information behind the Lionborne characters. The Battlecats universe is a series that has so much potential and I hope to see many more different stories coming from it as I can see the potential of many different story veins as each character has the strength to carry their own titles.

The artwork of Battlecats is captivating, Andy King opens up your imagination and transports you to a magical kingdom full of non stop fast paced action that has just enough blood spilling to keep the balance. The artwork is reminiscent of the 80s early 90s cartoons I used to watch (minus the blood) so it gives a bit of a nostalgic feel to the overall book which makes it that bit more appealing to me.


Straight up 5⭐ score no question, this has to be one of my favourite comic series that I have reviewed and I always look forward to the next release. If you haven’t got involved in Battlecats yet then you really need to especially if you are of that Thundercats age you will definitely enjoy this.


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