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Dave reviews the first issue of Mad Cave Studios’ OVER THE ROPES: BROKEN KAYFABE, available on June 29 in print and on digital.



Over The Ropes: Broken Kayfabe #1 (Mad Cave Studios)

Over The Ropes: Broken Kayfabe #1 is published by Mad Cave Studios, written by Jay Sandlin, illustrated by Antonello Cosentino, coloured by Francesco Segala and lettered by Justin Birch.

Issue #1 is available 29th June 2022 either directly from Mad Cave Studios online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The gloves come off when a rival promotion led by Jason’s estranged father, Buddy Peacock, invades the SFW’s hit TV show; Explode. When Courtney, wrestling under the moniker Scorch, is injured, Jason must choose between family and fame in a bout with permanent stipulations. When the final bell rings, it’ll be Phoenix vs. Peacock — father vs. son, in a main event for the unified championship. Will Phoenix rise again or lose it all in a puff of smoke.


In this issue we see the return of the gritty wrestling story arc that follows fan favourite and SFW world heavyweight champion Phoenix (Jason) as he has now moved across the globe to Japan to take on all comers in the land of the rising sun. Out of the ring Jason is going to make a move that is making him more nervous than any battle he’s had in the ring, what is making this wrestling icon so nervous? It’s more a question of who? As he looks to cement his feelings to Courtney (Scorch) by proposing !!! How will the proposal go? Is he doing it for the right reasons? No spoilers here sorry so you’ll have to read for yourself to find that bit out.

Back to wrestling matters, if you read the original arc you will know things got a bit hairy when Phoenix ignored the plan and went on to win the championship, now he is an icon the crowds chant his name wherever he goes, his crew are still behind him every step the legend Barbwire Brodie Jackson, high flying lucha Blue Bomba and the glamorous but feisty Scorch. The problem for Phoenix is that when you’re at the top there is always some waiting to take you down and that someone is quite familiar to Pheonix.

Again Jay Sandlin has written a story that’s action packed mixing with raw emotion that creates a full bodied story that keeps you mesmerised until the last page.

The artistic team of Antonello Cosentino and Francesco Segala create an art style that captivates and draws you into the story world, you can almost hear the roar of the crowd. Bold colours and striking illustrations really create a visual symphony that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.


A near perfect comic, a story that captures the imagination and almost hypnotic illustrations will leave you mesmerised throughout. I’m glad to see the return of this series and can’t wait to see how it develops. A definite must read for any wrestling fans out there.


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