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Revisit Stark’s Early Days With New IRON MAN Hot Toy Figure

Revisit Iron Man’s early days with this stunning 1/4 scale Hot Toys figure.



Iron Man 2 Header

Are you ready for more Hot Toys? The amazing thing about Iron Man, besides Robert Downey Jr, is the potential with the character. How many suits has Tony made throughout his career as Iron Man? There are too many, but they all have their own unique quirks. Seeing Hot Toys take these impossible designs and turning them into a reality, a smaller reality but a reality nonetheless, has been a lot of fun. If you’ve followed Hot Toys’ history, you’ll actually be able to see just how far these artists have come. Especially considering that this is a Mark they’ve done before. The progress they’ve made is oustanding.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Be prepared, because this figure is on an entirely different level.

This spectacular beast of a figure stands at just under 50cm and comes with an array of LED lights that actually shine through various areas of the armor. Before you get too excited, there are two different versions of this 1/4 scale figure. The normal version is just the basic figure. The deluxe edition… Well, that’s another story. The deluxe edition comes with Tony’s suit-up gantry that just elevates the figure entirely.

Check out the figure in all of its glory below:

Hot Toy collectors are accustomed to long waits. So, it’s no surprise that this figure will be on preorder for quite some time. That’s actually a good thing because if you are considering this figure then you’ll need two things. Space, and some savings. Well, a lot of savings. The standard version, which is due out in mid 2023, costs $595 (roughly £450). The deluxe edition however, which is due out the same time, will set you back $1040 (roughly £785). Quite the price… But just look at how great it is. It is a perfect rendition of Iron Man’s suit. It’s flawless.

Both figures are available to preorder now.

Looking back at Iron Man’s legacy, we always love revisiting each suit. With so many different iterations, it’s hard to pick a favourite but Iron Man 2 definitely gave us some memorable suits… Looking at you Mark V. Maybe it’s time to consider doing a list of the top 10 Iron Man suits? Which ones do you think would make the list? Let us know yout thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out more collectible news right here.

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