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Dave reviews the second issue of Black Box Comics’ DJINN HUNTER calling it “a great series so far” and looking forward to events ahead.



Djinn Hunter #2 (Black Box Comics)

Djinn Hunter #2 is published by Black Box Comics, written by Jay Sandlin, illustrated,coloured and lettered by Fabrizio Cosentino.

Issue #2 is available now either directly from Black Box Comics or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will also be available to download from the usual content providers.


Zara and Bennu cross blades with a feudal daimyo. Wielding the necro-sword, he’s carved lands under his protection into fields of blood. Will the Djinn Hunter trap the spider-demon responsible for turning the Samurai into a killing machine? Or become more flies caught in his web?


My favourite heroine is back and with a bang!

Djinn Hunter #2 brings the Zara back in all her badass glory on her continuing mission to hunt the rogue Djinn, Abyss. Only Zara holds key to bringing Abyss down, but on her journey she encounters other battles including a mortal whose wish has gone horribly wrong. With extreme consequences no less. Hammering home the saying “be careful what you wish for” and leaving Zara plus her aide Bennu to right the wrong. This issues story gives us another epic adventure filled with eye-popping action.

Once again writer Jay Sandlin doesn’t let me down. Sandlin is fast becoming one of my favourite writers as he always seems to better himself every book I read. He always knows how to grab your attention and keep it throughout the entire book.

Cosentino has definitely brought out the big guns for this series as the illustrations are mind blowing, every page is an explosion of detail and beautiful colour grabbing the readers eyes and not letting go really bringing the words to life and taking you deep into the worlds of the Djinn.


Djinn Hunter is a great series so far. I’m really enjoying Zara’s journey and already looking forward to the time when she finally meets Abyss. Can’t wait to get stuck in to issue #3.

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