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Dave reviews the first issue of Image Comics PRIMORDIAL calling it “captivating” and “a definite must-read” for sci-fi fans.



Primordial #1 (Image Comics)

Primordial #1 is published by Image Comics, written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino. Issue#1 is set for release 15th September 2021, direct from Image Comics or from your local comic store, digital copies will also be available to download from the usual content providers.


Mind-bending sci-fi collides with Cold War thriller in this six-issue miniseries by the bestselling and Eisner-winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS! In 1957, the USSR launched the dog, Laika, into Earth’s orbit. Two years later, the USA responded with two monkeys, Able and Baker. These animals never returned. But, unbeknownst to everyone, they did not die in orbit…they were taken. And now they are coming home.


One thing I like about reviewing is the many different styles and titles you come across, Primordial definitely peak my interest when I first saw a preview, straight away the styling caught my attention to something interestingly new.

Primordial tells the story of the monkey to space flight back in the 50s but things didn’t quite turn out as the government would have us believe and looks as though Dr Pembrook may well have unsuspectingly walked into a major government cover up, it’s down to Dr Pembrook to unravel the mystery and find the answers.

The story of of Primordial is pack full of tension and suspense expertly written by Lemire, this is definitely high up on my must read list for the rest of the series now as I need to know what has been hidden. The illustrations have a unique feel to it with realistic styling mixed with bold and vibrant colours and tones Sorrentino bringing a unique flavour to the story telling.


Captivating from the outset, a definite must read for any sci-fi fans who like a bit of suspense mixed in, the story looks like it has the potential to really pick up and I am definitely here for it.

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